One Stop Border Post(OSBP) is a concept whereby cross border clearance procedures are carried out only once at the point of entry unlike the current situation where clearance is done on either side of the border.
You stop at the point of entry, where exit  procedures will be completed by officials of country of exit  before the commencement of entry procedures
For Example a Bus travelling from Tanzania to Kenya will not stop on Tanzanian side of the border but will proceed to the Kenyan Side. Tanzanian Immigration official will be seated next to Kenyan immigration official to perform the exit procedures in the Kenyan Side of the Border.
East Africa currently has challenges competing with the rest of the world.
Cross-border transport is 3-5 times more expensive in East Africa than in the rest of the world.
For example trucks transporting cargo from Mombasa to Kampala which on average take 5 days of which 19-24 hours are spent in borders crossing and numerous weigh bridges.
Reducing transportation time by 1 hour would save approximately US $7 million per annum.


  • Investments in road infrastructure alone will not bring the expected trade and mobility benefits without attention to the border delays
  • Border posts are often separate, rudimentary buildings put up by each agency with little coordination among the national agencies exercising controls at a border
  • New facilities must allow for streamlining the flow of vehicles through the facility and locating procedures in a logical flow that expedites the clearance of individuals, vehicles and cargo.  
  • OSBP Buildings need not necessarily be large, but they must be designed for efficiency and convenience of travellers and transporters
  • Achieving faster flow requires a  review of procedures


  • To enhance trade facilitation by reducing the number of stops incurred in a cross border trade transaction
  • To increase clearance efficiency by combining the activities of both countries at a single location, simplified procedures and joint processing and inspections, where feasible.
  • To reduce on the time taken to clear goods and passengers at the border.
  • One Stop Border Posts are expected to reduce border clearance time for passengers and freight  by at least 30%


  • Straddle Border Post – This is located on the border enabling officers to work on national territory in one common facility.
  • Single Country Border Post – This is located solely in one country.  It offers the efficiency of a single facility, but requires extraterritorial jurisdiction.
  • Juxtaposed Border Post – This is the most commonly used type of OSBP in Eastern and Southern Africa.  It requires a dedicated facility in each country, each serving one direction of traffic it also  requires extraterritorial jurisdictio.

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